Welcome! I am a third-year Ph.D. student in Planning, Globalization, and Governance (PG&G) in the Government and International Affairs (GIA) program at Virginia Tech.

My research interests span a number of areas including the role of conflict in consensus decision-making, deliberative democracy, environmental and social justice, narcotics policy in the United States, and the application of narrative theory to social science research.

My most current research is oriented along three theoretical lines: leadership of nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations (NPO/NGOs), the organizational behavior of volunteers in NPO/NGOs, and citizen involvement in governance issues.

The focus of my dissertation is the role of citizen participation in administrative rulemaking. Through an analysis of over 15,000 comments submitted on rules proposed by agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia over a ten-year period, I am seeking to extend the scholarship on administrative rulemaking to the state level by exploring three questions: Who participates during notice-and-comment periods for proposed agency regulations? What is the nature of their participation? Does participation influence rule promulgation? From this foundation, I posit a general model of bureaucratic responsiveness to citizen participation in the rulemaking process.